TRAINING THURSDAY: Leadership Foundations for Women in Construction - ICBA

TRAINING THURSDAY: Leadership Foundations for Women in Construction


Kerry and Jordan discuss ICBA’s latest training featured course, the ICBA Gala, and the future of one Aaron Rodgers with the NFL team Jordan co-owns, the Green Bay Packers.

Leadership Foundations for Women in Construction
Starts March 20; 4 weeks self-paced and live sessions
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This interactive online course is an introduction to transformational leadership specifically for women construction professionals. It focuses on the behavioral side of leadership, social and emotional intelligence, influence, and relationship building.

The curriculum includes:

  • Female Leadership in Construction: Understanding the difference between transactional and transformational leadership models and when to lean into each style.
  • Core Values: Understand your internal motivations and how to inspire other people.
  • Sponsorship Vs. Mentorship: How to create opportunities for yourself and others.
  • The Leadership Mindset: How to manage self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and how to think strategically.

Learning outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of your leadership strengths and how to apply them in your current role.
  • Have a vision for your career and how it fits in with your company’s goals.
  • Understand why the gender gap exists in the construction industry and why women cannot solve this issue alone.
  • Understand the difference between mentorship and sponsorship and how to find a sponsor for yourself.
  • Develop an action plan to build relationships inside and outside of your organization.
  • Be equipped with strategic thinking tools that can be applied at any level of your organization.
  • Have a strategy to increase your confidence and influence within your organization.

This course follows a blended learning model and is a combination of self-guided online learning, live workshops, and Q&A sessions with women leaders from the construction industry.