WELLNESS WEDNESDAY #91: Proud of the Shower - ICBA

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY #91: Proud of the Shower

Our friend Corey Hirsch retweeted a video from former TSN host Michael Landsberg, one of Canada’s most important mental health advocates.

Michael tore his ACL recently, and he has posted a short video comparing it to the depression he has battled for decades. He had been texting with someone who was struggling, and he was reminded of four words that have made a big difference in his life:

Proud of the shower.

A shower may seem like something minor, but for someone working through depression, it can be a major step sometimes. Just as taking a step during physical rehab on his surgically rebuilt knee, sometimes a shower is a huge step forward. We would celebrate that step in the physiotherapy room – we should celebrate the step of getting up and getting into the shower for those who are finding even that small step a struggle.

Landsberg is involved with #SickNotWeak – a great mental wellness site worth visiting.

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