February 2017 - ICBA

ICBA grows stronger with additional regional expansion

February 1, 2017 – Energy Services BC merges with ICBA. (Left: Art Jarvis, Executive Director of ESBC; Mike Davis, Regional Vice President, ICBA)
On February 1, 2017, the voice of BC’s construction sector became stronger.
We are pleased to announce that Energy Services BC merged with the ICBA.
Together, advocating for growth and investment in Northeast BC.

Natural resources play a crucial role in BC’s economy, creating jobs and investment in our province.  The construction sector alone employs more than 200,000 people and is responsible for 10 per cent of our province’s economic activity.

Over the past year, ICBA has helped bring projects to yes along with the support of more than 35,000 British Columbians. With our expansion in Prince George, BC, we were able to connect with businesses in the north and understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

This year, we continue the regional expansion with the acquisition of Fort St. John-based Energy Services BC – the largest oil and gas industry association in BC. For northeast BC and our businesses, this merger means we will now have a much stronger voice when dealing with issues impacting the industry. Advocating for responsible resource development and attracting investment to the northeast region will create much needed jobs and create stronger communities.

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How to hold an economy hostage: The Activist Playbook

The “Activist Playbook” is a set of four tactics used by environmentalists to delay, cancel or block projects from getting shovels in the ground.

A recent investigation from the Financial Post sent reporters to communities across Canada where major projects had been stalled or cancelled by activist opposition. They uncovered 35 projects worth $129 billion dollars that were victim to activism, and of that, $40 billion were projects in BC. The “Activist Playbook” are tactics used by the anti-resource development movement to stall economic growth and drive away investment. With every project that the eco-activists block, our economy becomes vulnerable to instability in oil and gas prices, fewer investments that lead to tax revenue for important social services, as well as an increasing reliance on the US market.

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Now is the Time to Build

Source: BC Gov News

Today’s budget demonstrates that the Province’s commitment to balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility is paying dividends for British Columbians and for the construction industry.

“The message in this budget is clear –when governments save and spend responsibly they can cut taxes, invest in construction projects and support small businesses.” said Chris Gardner, President, Independent Contractors and Businesses Association.

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