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For more than forty years, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association has represented and supported the open shop construction industry in BC.



Yes, I want to build a better B.C.
When B.C. communities say yes they grow and the province thrives. That’s why
ICBA is focused on getting projects to ‘Yes’ and advancing responsible
development in B.C. Join our fight and together we can build a stronger B.C.

Growing the Economy

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ICBA Benefits Services provides competitive health benefits to more than
2,000 businesses that represent 40,000 employees. We cater to both the
construction industry and other businesses.

Health and Retirement Plans

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ICBA is the single largest sponsor of apprentices in B.C., and a provider of management personnel training. With more than 250 courses per year and more than a dozen online courses, we provide training courses that teach essential skills for careers in construction.

Training and Apprenticeships

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Construction Market Intelligence (CMI) will be the most powerful tool at your disposal.
CMI relays updated project opportunities and upcoming jobs, detailed
documents and project blueprints, and industry contact information.
CMI is free for the first 6 months, exclusively for ICBA members.

Construction Market Intelligence

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Through our unique partnerships and relations, we have built an affinity program
exclusive to ICBA members. Our Affinity program features discounts on hotels, gas, and
protective equipment, all from various dealers across Canada. Log in to your
Member account and take advantage of what membership offers.

Affinity Program

As the leading voice of BC’s construction industry, ICBA speaks out on issues that
impact its members, including labour and employment policies, regulation and
taxation, infrastructure, and building a stronger and better BC.

Advocacy and Research

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia

Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving
We need to get Canada’s big gas out of Alberta and into B.C., the United States and Asia.
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