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To attract and retain the top talent in the industry, you need to offer great health, dental and retirement benefits. With ICBA Benefits you’ll get the best value for your money, while not compromising on making sure you’re taking good care of your workers and their families. Our team of benefits experts have been helping employers like you for more than three decades.


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Our relationship with ICBA spans over a decade. We are incredibly appreciative for their responsiveness and prompt customer service whenever we have needed assistance. We look forward to our continued partnership into the future.

Dave Pearson,
COO, Beedie


ICBA Benefits offers

Health & Dental Benefits

From the owner-operator to the large employer or association, we have the stable, comprehensive, and cost-containing benefits solution for your every need.

Retirement Plans

We have a range of retirement and RRSP packages available for companies of every size. Let us help you navigate through your choices and find the best plan for your company and your employees.

Workplace Wellness Program

Promoting employee well-being and a healthy workplace culture can be challenging. That’s why we’ve created the Workplace Wellness Program designed to help your team break through the stigma associated with mental health.

Employee Assistance Program

ICBA Benefit plans include access to a professional Employee Assistance Program, where workers can find counselling and other resources to help them through various problems.

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ICBA Wellness Program

More than ever before, mental health issues are surfacing in the workplace. The construction and resource development industries are no different; employers need to offer workers the tools and help they need to ensure a healthy and functioning job site.

We can’t ignore these issues. Our industry can be a tough one, with its long, irregular hours, remote work, deadlines and stress, and a big physical toll. Our long-standing commitment to the construction industry gives us a deep and unique understanding of your business and your workforce. With a proven track record in benefit services and training delivery, we have extensive and highly-relevant expertise.

We’ve put that experience to work for you, by developing our ICBA Wellness program specifically for the challenges faced in construction and resource development. Free to our members, ICBA Wellness uses toolbox talks, site posters, online learning, videos, and more, to break the stigma around mental health and give workers the tools they need to succeed.

When I read about ICBA’s new Wellness Program I immediately knew this was something IRL Construction should be a part of. Mental Health is something that is very important and close to our hearts here, so having this program available to our employees was a no brainer! We are excited to be part of this great initiative.

Aaron Lacey,
IRL Construction

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