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For more than 45 years, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) has been the voice of B.C.’s construction industry. Today, ICBA represents more than 3,000 members and clients, is one of the leading third-party providers of group health and retirement benefits in B.C., and the single largest sponsor of trades apprentices in the province. ICBA undertakes public policy research, advocacy initiatives, and provides training focused on the construction sector and responsible resource development.

When you become a member of ICBA, you join an organization that wants you and your business to succeed. We offer a line of services that help businesses grow, including health and retirement plans, skills development, wage and benefit surveys, jobs boards, apprenticeship support and management training, and affinity programs to improve your business’s bottom line.

We are a strong voice for the 85% of construction workers who operate in the open shop in our industry, and our expertise is regularly sought after by both government and the private sector. We advocate on behalf of free enterprise and the construction industry of B.C., promote responsible resource development, and are an influential voice for advocating the best interests of our members.

Through our Building Stronger Futures giving initiative, ICBA supports young people by offering grants for trades and technical education programs.

The ICBA Advantage

Project Intelligence

ConstructConnect Project Intelligence is the ultimate construction tool for finding the perfect project and preparing your bid. This trade contractor platform brings together the entire bidding process with the only end-to-end preconstruction solution of its kind.

Health and
Retirement Plans

ICBA Benefits Services Ltd., provides service to over 2,000 businesses in group benefits that represents 40,000 employees. We cater to both the construction industry and other businesses.

Training and Apprenticeships

ICBA is the single largest sponsor of apprentices in B.C., and the largest trainer of management personnel. Our bursaries and rewards program help support your apprentice’s education.

and Research

As the leading voice of BC’s construction industry, ICBA speaks out on issues that impact its members, including labour and employment policies, regulation and taxation, infrastructure, and building a stronger and better BC.

Affinity Program
and Discounts

Through our unique partnerships, we have built an exclusive affinity program that features discounts on hotels, gas, and protective equipment, all from various dealers across Canada. Log in to your Member account and take advantage of what membership offers.

the Economy

When B.C. communities say yes they grow and the province thrives. That’s why ICBA is focused on getting projects to ‘Yes’ and advancing responsible resource development in B.C. Join our fight and together we can build a stronger B.C.

To become a member of ICBA, click the button below or contact us today at 604-298-7795.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be the leading voice for construction and expand by providing an exceptional member and client experience.


Advocate for fairness, opportunity and free enterprise. Support the success of open shop contractors and ICBA members by delivering services that enhance the competitiveness of their business.

Core values:

Free enterprise – the ability for businesses to operate and compete in a fair economic landscape, with minimal government interference

Fairness – to both employers and employees; to people from all backgrounds; to any business that wants to do the work

Full responsibility – employers should care for their employees, and show it through fair pay, good benefits, great training, top-notch equipment, and safe working conditions

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