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ICBA is proud to be the single largest sponsor of apprentices in BC and provides a wide range of competitively-priced courses in the areas of management, leadership and technical skills, human resources, business development, regulatory updates, and safety training. We offer over 250 classroom courses each year across BC, and have over a dozen online courses ready for your continued education. ICBA is committed to providing the very best training possible.  View a complete list of our upcoming courses

Apprentices: If you are interested in how you can become an apprentice and start your career in construction, visit our Apprenticeship page. The industry is seeing stable economic growth, and with more projects beginning in BC, there is no better time to begin your training and become a fully-fledged tradesperson.

Employers: As an ICBA member, you are eligible for ICBA to sponsor your apprentices while you provide the hands-on training. Through our bursaries and rewards program, we help financially support apprentices. Click here to learn about our bursaries and rewards for apprentices.

With ICBA’s model, we take care of the administrative duties, sponsoring, records for progress, and rotating apprentices among ICBA members throughout their apprenticeship when needed. By removing the administrative and sponsorship role of an employer, our members can give the apprentice the training and attention they deserve.

If you are an employer and would like ICBA to sponsor your apprentices while you provide the hands-on training, contact us at 1-800-298-7752 or email for more information

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