Course Calendar

ICBA Training offers more than 550 courses all across BC, Canada and online. To see the entire list of upcoming courses, please click here www.icba.ca/courses. The course calendar is updated daily with new courses, dates and location being added.

Most of our courses are accredited for Gold Seal and BC Housing continuing professional development credit.

If there are any courses or locations you would like to see added, please contact us at training@icba.ca or 604-298-7795.


Customized Training

If your company has a number of people who require training, there may be an opportunity for one of our instructors to provide training on-site, at your location. In some cases, the course may be customized to better suit your specific company needs.

There are many benefits to in-house training:

  • Hosting training on-site may save on staff travel and accommodation costs
  • You decide when and where the course will be delivered – available anytime, even weekends
  • Include company-specific examples and materials
  • Flexibility to tailor the course to meet your company or team specific goals

A minimum number of participants is required and costs for the instructor’s expenses such as travel and accommodation for distant locations may also apply. For more information or questions about these opportunities, please contact us at training@icba.ca or 604-298-7795.


Training Newsletter

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