Affordable Housing: Let’s build, not regulate our way there

It’s been an active and interesting few months on the housing file in British Columbia. There was a sharp step-back in sales in Metro Vancouver over the summer, in the wake of the retroactive 15% tax on foreign real estate purchasers. But it’s not at all clear that the long-term impact of this and other recent housing-related actions will be all

Major Projects in B.C. Need Your Help

Submit your public comments for these responsible resource proposals The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) has been busy, opening three major projects for public comment in February. Projects like Woodfibre LNG, the Ajax mine, and Pacific Northwest are good for B.C., creating new jobs that bring wealth and prosperity in our province. Below are three projects open for public comment

3 Myths About Pipeline Projects In B.C.

Think back to your last family reunion. Amidst semi-awkward handshakes and hugs – there seem to be certain taboo conversation topics that are avoided at all costs. Topics like political ideology and religion to name a few. There’s a new big bad taboo subject in B.C. and that’s showing support for pipelines. But, why? Partially due to loud, negative and

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project is a winning proposition for Canada, ICBA tells National Energy Board

Today, the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) added its voice to supporters of the $5.4 billion Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP). ICBA President Philip Hochstein told a National Energy Board panel hearing final arguments from intervenors that the project reflects his members’ commitment to safe and environmentally responsible development. “We see the Trans Mountain Expansion Project as an exceptional

5 Reasons the Kinder Morgan expansion project is good for BC and BC families

5 Reasons the Kinder Morgan expansion project is good for BC and BC families 1. Safe  This pipeline has been operating safely for 60 years. Kinder Morgan and other members of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association spent more than $1.4 billion last year on pipeline safety. 2. Responsible As this project is a twinning of an existing pipeline, it is

B.C. pipeline decision sends chill through industry For a free-enterprise government elected on the promise to grow the economy and create jobs, the announcement to formally reject the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion was disappointing. Rejecting Kinder Morgan’s twinning of their existing pipeline, which has been operating safely in B.C. for 60 years sends the wrong message to companies looking to do business in B.C. Effectively, our international
Getting to yes: It’s where British Columbians want to be

  British Columbia has a reputation as a hard place to get things done. Resource development, infrastructure builds, even residential construction – they all face regulatory complexity and intense interest-group scrutiny. Even with solid business cases and eager investors, many never make it to “yes”. And now we have the NDP’s chilling suggestion that it would cancel the approved and

Silent majority supports responsible development in B.C.

B.C. is earning an international reputation as a difficult place to do business. Pipelines and mining developments are just some of the projects being stalled by a vocal minority in B.C. What these protesters don’t realize is that major projects strengthen our economy by creating countless spin-off jobs like residential, institutional, commercial and industrial projects. Major projects bring wealth to a

Express Entry program aims to find skilled international workers

  Express Entry allows employers to find skilled international workers who desire to live in Canada permanently, as opposed to a temporary foreign worker. Express Entry program allows government officials to invite international workers with the highest chance of success to immigrate to Canada. Express Entry, now fully electronic, requires the candidate to create a profile online that scores them based on

BTU’s criticism of Fort St. John contractor winning Site C’s $1.5B contract is no surprise

  A Fort St. John contracting company has been chosen as part of a partnership of companies that will build the main infrastructure for the Site C hydroelectric dam. Approximately 1,500 people will be working on main civil works at the peak of construction, and Site C will create opportunities for local, regional and Aboriginal businesses. However, the B.C. building trades is not

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia

Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving
We need to get Canada’s big gas out of Alberta and into B.C., the United States and Asia.
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