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B.C.’s construction industry is experiencing stable growth, and forecasts expect this trend to continue. With more projects on the horizon, there is no better time to begin your apprenticeship training and become a fully-fledged construction professional. Pursuing a career in construction can provide long-term job stability and financial security, and is a rewarding path in a sector that continues to grow.

Through ICBA’s apprenticeship support program, we act as a liaison between the employer and the Industry Training Authority. In doing so, we help the apprentice and the employer navigate the system, assist with paperwork, record progress, and facilitate continuous employment. This allows apprentices to focus on their training to become a construction industry professional.

When a contract ends, the apprentice returns to our system and we help them find a new site. ICBA’s support program ensures that an apprentice stays gainfully employed to complete their training.


ICBA is the single largest sponsor of construction apprenticeships in B.C.

Apprenticeships are 80% hands-on paid training, and 20% classroom education

1,300 apprentices in our system covering 30 construction trades


Step 1: Create a personal account with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) at to receive your ITA I.D.
Step 2: Have your employer and ICBA complete an apprentice / sponsor registration form
Step 3: Submit the registration form to the ITA
Step 4: The ITA will issue an apprentice registration card


  • Canada Apprentice Loan: Apply for a $4,000 interest-free loan per period of technical training to help pay for tuition, tools, equipment, living expenses, or to help support your family.
  • ICBA Bursaries: Apprentices working for ICBA members and registered under our program are eligible for $200 bursaries for each of the first four levels of training, with an additional $50 for grades 90% or above.
  • Apprenticeship Incentive Grant: Taxable grant of $1,000 per year available to registered apprentices after completing their first or second level of training.
  • Apprenticeship Completion Grant: Taxable grant for up to $2,000, available after completing an apprenticeship and onbtaining a journeyperson certification in a Red Seal designated trade.
Frequently Asked Questions

» First, you will need to register with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) at their website and submit an application. You will need to be employed by an employer who is willing to sponsor you. ICBA is able to sponsor you if your employer is an ICBA Member. Currently, anyone can go to ITA’s Direct Access page to register to obtain a number via the ‘Create Your ITA Account.’ However, they will not be considered an apprentice until they have registered with a sponsor.

» Typically the minimum is 3 to 4 years, at a ratio of 80% hands-on experience and 20% classroom education. However, some apprenticeships may take longer than this. Visit the ITA’s list of programs for information on specific careers in construction.

» Apprentices registered with ITA may be eligible for temporary financial supports while they attend ITA–approved training for their apprenticeship. Visit the ITA’s information package to learn how you can apply for financial support.

ICBA also offers bursaries and rewards for eligible apprentices. Click to learn more.

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