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Do you have a need for more workers in the construction industry? We always have resumes on file for job seekers looking for immediate employment within the industry. We work with you to make sure we find applicable matches for your needs.

For more information about how ICBA can assist in connecting you to job seekers, please contact our Project Coordinator at jobs@icba.ca.


For Job Seekers

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) can connect job seekers like you with our member companies in British Columbia who are looking to hire.

For more than 45 years, ICBA has been the voice of BC’s construction industry. Through our growing membership, we can put your resumes in front of those who make hiring decisions throughout the province.

Looking for work in the construction industry? Upload your resume in the submission box on this page,  or email us at jobs@icba.ca


Contact Us

Kerry Vital, Project Coordinator

jobs@icba.ca or 604-901-1046

ICBA represents more than 3,000 members and clients in construction and responsible resource development and is one of the leading third-party providers of group health and retirement benefits in B.C. ICBA trains more than 4,300 workers every year and is the single largest sponsor of trades apprentices in the province.

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