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HR & Labour Relations

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New employment policies and regulations are often implemented at the expense of business, the entrepreneurs and the risk-takers who start construction companies, as well as the men and women working every day on a construction job site. It’s important that open shop contractors understand the best practices and procedures for developing and maintaining a strong and dynamic open shop workplace.

To assist in that effort, ICBA Training is offering more human resources courses than ever before, with a renewed focus on labour relations. ICBA also regularly develops tools and other resources to help our members through various workplace challenges.

For members dealing with WorkSafeBC or other regulatory issues, we can connect you to leading experts, consultants, and even legal advisors if need be.

Many of our members are being proactive in this area – reaching out for assistance and advice. We have experienced experts who can help you develop a strong open shop culture and who can advise you on the best labour model for your business. Ignoring the issue, or hoping it will simply go away, very rarely works.

% of BC Construction Work Done by Open Shop Companies