Why mining matters

Ajax: Creating Prosperity for British Columbia

Responsible mining generates a lot more than just good, family-sustaining jobs. It creates lasting prosperity for communities.

Ajax Will Drive Economic Development in BC

Mining is a wealth generator for local communities and the whole of BC, expanding small businesses, creating high paying mining and non-mining jobs, and producing substantial tax revenue that strengthens our schools, social programs, and infrastructure.

1,500 New Full-Time Jobs in BC, and 500 More Across Canada

The Ajax Project is a proposed copper and gold mine located near the City of Kamloops that’s been designed to respect the local community and environment while maximizing benefits. On its own, Ajax will generate $6.9 billion in economic activity for the region and BC over the life of the project.

Safe, Environmentally Friendly and Prosperous

The Ajax Project recently submitted an Application/Environmental Impact Statement, which scientifically examined all potential project effects and provided detailed plans for eliminating or mitigating them.

Help Move the Ajax Project to YES

The BC Environmental Assessment Office is currently reviewing the project application, and is accepting comments from the public.

We need to seize opportunities like Ajax when they come around. Please take just a moment to submit a comment and help Ajax secure approval.

TAKE ACTION NOW – Fill out the simple form below to share your comments with the BC Environmental Assessment Office in support of Ajax.

The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia

Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving
We need to get Canada’s big gas out of Alberta and into B.C., the United States and Asia.
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