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Apprenticeship opportunities for better construction teams

Open shop employers train more than 82 percent of B.C.’s construction apprentices, and the program provides them and our apprentices with all the support they need to focus on learning the trades skills to become qualified journeypersons. If apprentices need to move to another area of the industry to get full trades exposure, we facilitate placements with another employer. If an apprentice needs additional help with school, we will find support. Our industry needs more people and we will do everything to make their career start a successful one.

With more than 1,400 apprentices throughout B.C. – and another 400 in affiliated networks – ICBA is well-versed in the apprenticeship system and how to best help its member companies and their employees work through the process to becoming a certified journeyperson. And our members sponsor and train thousands more.

No matter the size of the company or the number of apprentices, ICBA’s apprenticeship program offers assistance with apprentice registration, hour updates, certificate management, and more.

The team also works closely with B.C. school districts to assist young people interested in a career in construction and sponsor them throughout their youth apprenticeship.

Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me over the past few months as I’ve been working toward my exam; the bursary for my level 4 is also much appreciated!

ICBA Apprentice

The Apprenticeship Program

We customize courses to meet your needs and also offer online courses to make it as convenient as possible for construction and other industry workers to improve their skills. Our courses are recognized by various accrediting bodies, both provincially and nationally. ICBA Training delivers top-notch training for individual companies.


It’s not just current construction workers that ICBA invests in. We sponsor more than 1,400 trades apprentices – the future of construction. ICBA manages the paperwork on behalf of our member companies, ensuring they can stay focused on building their business while training BC’s next generation of workers. And, through our Building Stronger Futures initiative, we provide bursaries to young workers making their way toward Red Seal accreditation.

When you register apprentices with ICBA, we take care of the administrative burden for you.

  • Process apprentice application forms
  • Process work-based training hours
  • Keep accurate transcripts
  • Process recommendation for certification forms
  • Complete ITA/CRA tax credit reports
  • Apprenticeship bursaries


If your company utilizes the Construction Industry’s Benefit Plan (CIBP), your apprentices qualify for Building Stronger Futures bursaries. At each level, when they go to school, pass, and return back to your company, we will send you a cheque for to give to your apprentice. Over the span of their trades training, that adds up to $1,500 per apprentice.


ICBA has the most trades apprentices in BC


Open shop trains the vast majority of apprentices


BC welding apprentices who are open shop


BC plumbing apprentices who are open shop

Want to be an Apprentice?

As your ITA sponsor, The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association offers to guide you through your apprenticeship journey. We offer all supports throughout your apprenticeship that includes processing hours, validating your technical training, issuing of your apprentice/journeymen cards and beyond.

We offer this service if you are employed with any of our member companies. We also extend this sponsorship opportunity to any apprentice currently in a foundation program needing a sponsor. Once you are an ICBA sponsored apprentice, we always strive to ensure you are employed and/or have the resources to help you find the right fit for an employer.

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at or 604-298-7795

Youth/School Districts

The Youth Work/Train in Trades programs provide training for Grade 11 and 12 students interested in a career in construction-related trades. Depending on the program, students receive training every second day, while attending their own secondary school for core academic subjects. This program allows students to receive technical training typically done at a post-secondary institution while working toward their high school graduation.

ICBA continues to support these students by sponsoring them through their time in their trade program. We ensure that students acquire training that leads to certification as a journeyperson. By sponsoring these students, we ensure that they are eligible for all the benefits that come with this program – including the $1000 Youth Work in Trades award.

ICBA continues to be present at any secondary career or information night to allow the parents and the students to ask us any questions they may have pertaining to the youth in trades program.

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at or 604-298-7795

Interested in ICBA Apprenticeship?

Get in touch with our apprenticeship department today, we’re here to help!

I can’t thank ICBA enough for all your help with getting through the apprenticeship program.

ICBA Apprentice Graduate