For Employers

Do you have apprentices that work within your company? If so, we can help! ICBA sponsors all apprenticeships through the Industry Training Authority (ITA). When you register your apprentices with ICBA, we take care of the administrative burden that comes with them:

Process Apprentice Application Forms: Your apprentices get signed on by you, the employer. We act as the sponsor and will get them registered with the ITA. All documentation will be mailed to your office for record keeping and distribution to your apprentices.

Process Work-based Training Hours: A representative from your company completes the reports. Once they are completed, they email them to ICBA. We will enter the reports and provide you with an updated transcript in return.

Keep Accurate Transcripts: We ensure each apprentice is up to date with their hours and technical training. We will send you reminders should hours need to be updated.

Process Recommendation for Certification Forms: Once an apprentice has completed all apprenticeship requirements, we ensure they will be certified as quickly as possible.

Complete ITA/CRA Tax Credit Reports: These reports are for the employers and provide the documentation needed to receive all applicable tax credits. An employer can claim up to $2,000 per year/per apprentice.

Apprenticeship Bursaries: If your company utilizes the Construction Industry Benefit Plan (CIBP), this qualifies your apprentices for bursaries. When they go to school, pass, and return back to your company, we will send you a cheque for$200 to give to your apprentice. Over the span of their trades training, that is up to $800 per apprentice!

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at apprenticeship@icba.ca or 604-298-7795


For Apprentices

As your ITA sponsor, The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association offers to guide you through your apprenticeship journey. We offer all supports throughout your apprenticeship that includes processing hours, validating your technical training, issuing of your apprentice/journeymen cards and beyond.

We offer this service if you are employed with any of our 2,000-member companies. We also extend this sponsorship opportunity to any apprentice currently in a foundation program needing a sponsor. Once you are an ICBA sponsored apprentice, we always strive to ensure you are employed and/or have the resources to help you find the right fit for an employer.

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at apprenticeship@icba.ca or 604-298-7795


Youth/School Districts

The Youth Work/Train in Trades programs provide training for Grade 11 and 12 students interested in a career in construction related trades. Depending on the program, students receive training every second day, while attending their own secondary school for core academic subjects. This program allows students to receive technical training typically done at a post-secondary institution while working toward their high school graduation.

ICBA continues to support these students by sponsoring them through their time in their trade program. We ensure that students acquire training that leads to certification as a journeyperson. By sponsoring these students, we ensure that they are eligible for all the benefits that come with this program – including the $1000 Youth Work in Trades award.

ICBA continues to be present at any secondary career or information night to allow the parents and the students to ask us any questions they may have pertaining to the youth in trades program.

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at apprenticeship@icba.ca or 604-298-7795

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Canada Apprentice Loan: Apply for a $4,000 interest-free loan per period of technical training to help pay for tuition, tools, equipment, living expenses, or to help support your family.
  • ICBA Bursaries: Apprentices working for ICBA members and registered under our program are eligible for $200 bursaries for each of the first four levels of training, with an additional $50 for grades 90% or above.
  • Apprenticeship Incentive Grant: Taxable grant of $1,000 per year available to registered apprentices after completing their first or second level of training.
  • Apprenticeship Completion Grant: Taxable grant for up to $2,000, available after completing an apprenticeship and obtaining a journeyperson certification in a Red Seal designated trade.
  • Completion Tax Credit: The training tax credit provides a refundable amount up to a $2500.00 income tax credit for apprentices that have completed the level 3 or level 4 requirements for either a Red Seal or non-Red Seal program or you passed a challenge exam and received a Certificate of Qualification for a program where graduating from the program qualifies for level 3 or level 4.

Got questions for us? Please contact our Apprenticeship Program at apprenticeship@icba.ca or 604-298-7795

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