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Advocacy and Research

As the leading voice of BC’s construction industry, ICBA speaks out on issues that impact its members, including labour and employment policies, fair tendering, Worksafe BC policies, regulation and taxation, infrastructure, and building a stronger and better BC. At a national level, ICBA is part of Merit Canada, an organization that fights to allow fair and open competition in awarding contracts for public projects.

ICBA’s history is rich with advocacy and standing up for our values. More than 45 years later we are still standing up for free enterprise values and sound legislation that is fair to both employers and employees.

Today, we fight for responsible development and bringing projects to ‘Yes’ because when BC grows, we all grow.

Over the years, we’ve advocated for many projects that have helped change the political and economic landscape of the province.

Wage and Benefit Survey

Each year, ICBA surveys members on their confidence in the industry, and examines the increases or decreases in wages and benefits. This survey is one of the important services ICBA offers to its members. These in-depth results are only accessible for ICBA members, while a public report is available for general viewing. Log in to see the results for 2021, or explore the trends, data and information at your leisure below.

2021 Results
2021 Public Report

Previous public Reports 

2020 Public Report
2019 Public Report

2018 Public Report
2017 Public Report
2016 Public Report
2015 Public Report
2014 Public Report

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